Specialized software for modeling and diagnostic - 88 hours

1a. LabView - External training by Lab View courses about 28 hours.(February 2012 (30.01-03.02))
Fundamentals of programming in LabVIEW software. The methods and steps to create application programs for computerized measuring systems. Virtual instruments and their components supporting measuring systems. Programming in LabVIEW.
The course leads by external trainers from National Instruments company, the individual course is tailored to the needs of students ITN-Energy Smartop.
The Scope of the 1st part (LabVIEW Core 1)
The Scope of the 2nd part (LabVIEW Core 2)
Price: 1600 Euros

1b. Rate LabView - Internal training - 15 hours (laboratory project; March 2012)
Practical application of LabView to collect and process the signal on the need for monitoring and diagnostics. The course will contain:
Introduction to measurement and data acquisition system for diagnostic and monitoring. Virtual Instruments for diagnostic and monitoring. System components for measurements with Virtual Instruments. DAQ Devices. Construction and application multifunctional DAQ card. DAQ devices drivers. Installing and configuring device drivers. Role of software to communication of DAQ devices. Measurement & Automation Explorer. Installing and configuring measurement hardware. Chosen measurement sensor for diagnostic and monitoring. Introduction to Data Acquisition in LabVIEW. Example measurements for diagnostic and monitoring. Self build and carry out measurements for the electromechanical system.
Additional practical training conducted by the staff CP.
Price: 500 Euros

1c. Matlab Course - 45 hours of training (March-May 2012)
Introduction to MATLAB.
Basics knowledge of MATLAB / SIMULINK software includes: the program's interface, the use of aid, basic command of language, data types, constants, variables, and special characters, standard. Representation of numbers and the formats of numbers. Action on matrix and array. Creating a two-dimensional array. Ways appeals to individual array elements, whole rows and columns and layers. Operation on sparse matrices. Basic mathematical operations and functions. Operators relational and logical within functions. Conditional statements and loops. Programming in MATLAB. Creating m-files, scripts and functions. Calculations on complex numbers, solving systems of linear equations, series, differential and integral calculations. The operation on the files and exchange data with other applications. Graphic in MATLAB. 2D graphics. Functions that generate graphics. Managing windows and properties of graphical objects. Graphs of functions of one variable. Transforming graphs. Create a variety of 3D objects. Control of color, lighting, point of observation. Enforcing functions animations created objects. GUI (Graphical User Interface) – to be familiar with the tool to create user interface in MATLAB. Compiling m-file function for C / C + +.
Introduction to SIMULINK software tool.
Defining the model including block library. Numerical Algorithms. Analysis of initial conditions and parameters of the simulation on the simulation results. Functions used in the performance of simulation models (SIMULINK MATLAB command window). The functions used in constructing the models and their masking. Algorithms for solving ordinary differential equations. Modeling of complex power systems using SIMULINK SimPower System. Advanced toolboxes calculations using MATLAB.
Data processing, signals and images, wavelet analysis. Neural networks, fuzzy logic, pattern recognition, genetic algorithms, basic applications of artificial intelligence. Database management. Numeric and symbolic calculations.
Price: 1500 Euros

The course is conducted by employees of Cracow University of Technology .The classes are performed in the computer laboratory.
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