The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering organizes the comprehensive courses in the field of Electrical Machines. In case of any questions please contact with:
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The detailed information are given below:

Introduction to modeling of electromechanical systems in Matlab - 34 hours
part 1: Introduction to Matlab - 14 hours
part 2: Introduction to Electromechanical system modeling - 20 hours
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Specialized software for modeling and diagnostic - 88 hours
part 1: LabView - External training by Lab View courses about 28 hours.
part 2: Rate LabView - Internal training - 15 hours (laboratory project)
part 3: Matlab Course - 45 hours of training
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Advanced modeling of electromechanical system - 100 hours
part 1: Enhanced Background (25 Hours)
part 2: Advanced Examples (25 Hours)
part 3: Advanced Examples (25 Hours)
part 4: Modelling Of Power Electronics For Electro-Mechanical Systems (25 Hours)
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Data acquisition and advanced method of diagnostics signal analysis - 60 hours
detailed information

Diagnostics algorithms basing on artificial intelligence methods - 60 hours
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Distributed diagnostics system for electric machines and drives - 60 hours
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