Distributed diagnostics system for electric machines and drives - 60 hours

1. Definitions and basic information about the monitoring of electrical machines and devices in distributed systems (1hours).
2. Main targets and tasks of distributed objects monitoring, examples of distributed system for electrical machines and devices (1hours).
3. Computer monitoring methodology of distributed electrical machines, drives and devices (1hours).
4. Selected devices and accessories for measurement and data acquisition form distributed objects (2hours).
5. Measuring sensors and signal converters using for monitoring and diagnostic of distributed objects (3hours).
6. OPC servers in distributed systems (2hours).
7. Database for monitoring systems of distributed objects, example of industrial database (3hours).
8. LabVIEW usage for building distributed systems for monitoring, diagnostics and control. Specialized toolkit for distributed application development (5hours).
9. Devices for monitoring and control of distributed system (3hours).
10. The use of A/D converters with the Ethernet interface, OPC server, the LabVIEW and database for monitoring of distributed objects – example project of distributed monitoring system, monitoring of objects via the Internet (5hours).
11. Example of monitoring and control of the frequency converter for the supply of an induction motor via Internet use Data Socket Server on the LabVIEW (3hours).
12. Remote monitoring of the electric energy quality in selected point of the power line (1hours).

The course contains theoretical introduction, laboratory exercises and projects in the scope of devices and software for development of distributed monitoring and diagnostic system.

1. Measurement Interfaces in telemetric systems (5hours)
2. Network systems: relation, topology, transmission medium, rules of medium access, industrial networks (2hours)
3. Data transmission systems using cable phone network (1hours).
4. Measurement systems based on radio link (2hours).
5. Measurement systems in a mobile communication network GSM and UMTS (5hours).
6. Usage of computer network standard (Ethernet) in industrial systems (5hours).
7. SCADA systems (5hours)
8. Exemplary solutions of professional monitoring systems of distributed objects in power system (Tele measuring system for diagnostic applications, Monitoring and control system for Small Hydropower Plants) (5hours).

The course contains laboratory exercises and projects in the scope of: distributed system of PLC devices, telemeasuring system for diagnostic applications, Scada system for electrical drives, control panel programming.

The course is conducted by employees of Cracow University of Technology .The classes are performed in the computer and research laboratory.
Price: 2000 Euros
Date: June - July 2012

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