Data acquisition and advanced method of diagnostics signal analysis - 60 hours

1. Data acquisition system overview. Component and features of a data acquisition system (3 hours).
2. Sensors used for monitoring and diagnostics of machines and electrical equipment (5 hours).
3. Device and equipment used for data acquisition, construction of measuring devices (5 hours).
4. Introduction to data acquisition in LabVIEW. Subsystems multifunction DAQ cards. Analog input subsystems, analog output subsystems, hardware and software triggering, digital I/O subsystems, signal conditioning, counters and timers, signal generation, instrument control in LabVIEW (15 hours).
5. Introduction to data acquisition in Matlab (10 hours).
6. Principles of digital signal processing. Measurement analysis in LabVIEW (10 hours).
7. Selected methods signal processing for diagnostic algorithm. Methods of extracting characteristic features of the diagnostic estimation of object states (2 hours).
8. FFT, STFT and wavelet analysis realization in Matlab and LabVIEW (7 hours).
9. Principal Components Analysis, Higher Order Spectral analysis, nonlinear mapping of characteristic features (3 hours).

The course contains theoretical introduction, laboratory exercises on real object and projects in the scope of devices, sensor, data acquisition and signal processing methods for monitoring and diagnostic.

The course is conducted by employees of Cracow University of Technology .The classes are performed in the computer and research laboratory.
Price: 2000 Euros
Date: March - May 2012

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